I know clearly that nothing really special between us.
It just you that hardly get anyone to talk with and I’m happen to be a very talkative girl.
Hardly ever smile, coldly order me infront of everyone.
Secretly being kind to me, talk and laugh freely when it just the two of us.
Maintain Poker face perfectly infront of all of tease that surround us.

You know, I study hardly so I can find many things to talk with you if we meet again.
I read all these boring books so I could catch up with your interest
and I browse many unimportant things on the net, hoping I could answer all of your curiosity.
And yet, I don’t know if we’ll going to talk again

Won’t you take a flight to here?
will you see me if you already here?
Don’t you remember you already make a promise?

Forgive me if I’m a trouble
Terribly sorry if I’m missing you like this.
Pardon this lonely girl that has a precocious crush on a mature man like you.
Wishing to grab what I shouldn’t ever touch
Dreaming about a gentle hand that already embracing someone else tightly.


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